By-Laws & Club Rules

By-Laws & Club Rules

Updated TGV Club Rules

  1. ID Badges;
    1. Must be worn to all functions. Wait list and guests will not have badges.
    2. Badges numbers must be on all correspondence and/or checks when submitting monies.
  2. Refunds;
    1. None except in extreme illness or death. If cancellation is needed, then every attempt will be made in reassigning a ticket to a member/guest.
  3. Bus Trips; (per Cheryl at Workman Travel 
    1. 20 people must be signed up for a tour without a host.
    2. If host is needed, then Cheryl would travel as the host and 30 people would be needed.
    3. Less than 20 people would cancel the trip.

TGV By-Laws

  1. This organization shall be known as the “THE GOOFY VILLAGERS” (TGV).
  2. The main purpose of this club is to bring residents of “The Villages” who have the love of Disney together for socialization, planned events and activities.
  3. In order to take part in meetings and receive communications, a resident MUST be a paid member of the Club.
  4. The membership of this club is open to all residents of The Villages. Limited to 400-450 members. Once the limit is reach, a waiting list will begin.
  5. A paid member may invite a family member or guest to our social functions if space is available.
  6. Dues will be set each year and are good from May 1st thru April 30th and are to be paid by May 1st for the following year. If a member wishes to withdraw from the club at any given time, NO DUES or portion thereof will be refunded.
  7. The Treasurer will hand over the books to an outside auditor once a year. Before every meeting the Treasurer will email a copy of the books to all active members for review.
  8. The club officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, (who shall be elected to a two (2) year term beginning May 1st and ending on April 30th.)
    1. The prior year’s President will serve on the board as an Ex-Official.
    2. Those officers shall comprise the Executive Board, which has Chairperson of the club’s affairs, such as meetings and other duties as required.
    3.  A nominating committee consisting of two officers, two Chairpersons and two club members are to meet in April to prepare a slate of candidates to present to the general membership at the May meeting.
    4. Nominations will come from the nomination committee and paper ballots will be used and voted on at the May meeting.
    5. Should a vacancy for an elected office occur between annual elections, the Executive Board shall choose to fill the position or elect a person at the next meeting.


Executive Board and General Membership Meetings are held monthly.

  1. The Executive Board must approve the programs for general membership meetings.


    • If feasible, shall preside at all meetings.
    • At the appropriate time, the President shall open the meetings with a moment of silence, the Pledge of Allegiance, group song, announce the agenda of the day, enforce the By-Laws, insure the majority rules and declare the meetings adjourned.
    • Shall house the archives of THE GOOFY VILLAGERS.
    • Shall preside over the meetings if the President is absent.
    • Shall assist the President at meetings as needed.
    • Shall maintain a full and proper record of all meetings, including the Executive Board meetings.
    • Shall keep a current list and file of all members.
    • Shall keep a copy of the By-Laws.
    • Shall have custody of all records and papers of the club, including a Treasurer’s report.
    • Shall maintain complete financial records of the club.
    • Shall receive and collect all monies of the club, maintain a not-for-profit checking account for operating the club and club projects, manage deposits and disbursements in that account.
    • Shall sign checks for disbursement.
    • One additional member shall be authorized to sign checks for disbursement in the Treasurers absence.
  • Quorum vote:
    • The majority of members present rules.

Meeting was held on March 21 to elect Officers. All officers were elected unanimously.  EIN Number is: 32-0488010 – Club Name is The Goofy Villagers / TGV

President :            Rich Leopold      _____________ Date:     _______________

President Vice:   Terry Bordas      ____________ Date:     _______________

Secretary:            Rose Nutley         ___________Date:     _______________

Treasurer:              Dawn Doucette __________ Date: ______________

The Goofy Villagers (TGV)


PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines and assign responsibilities for TGV Event’s Committee representative during club sponsored events to maximize enjoyment for all participants.

SCOPE: This document addresses pre-event and event date administrative considerations. It also addresses In Case of Emergency (ICE) situations and suggests ways to cope with rare events that could impact an event trip.

  1. Administrative
  1.       Before the Event

(1). The Event Committee will assign a Event Coordinator (EC) to each coach.

(2) The event chairperson will set the per member cost of an event and may exclude him/herself from the cost of the transportation cost component.

(3) Each attendee should be encouraged to bring a cell phone to the event.

(4) Anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other will be required to provide the name and telephone number of an emergency contact.

(5). The EC should prepare a roster of all attendees with home and cell phone numbers from the current membership directory.

  1. Date of the Event

(1). At departure, the EC should circulate the roster with home and cell telephone to attendees for verification. It should have a check off column for medically trained personnel (physicians, nurses, EMS, etc) and another for those with CPR knowledge.

(2) The EC should brief the attendees on the appropriate administrative matters. This should include the time and location where to meet the coach after the event. It should include instructions in the event of extra innings/overtime or other protracted unforeseen delays.

(3). The EC should exchange cell phone telephone numbers with the vendor’s assigned coach driver.

(4) The EC should keep a copy of the roster as described in (2) above with him/her at all times while attending the event.

(5). It is the responsibility of the CC to communicate with the coach driver before the end of the event to determine if there any last minute changes to the pre-planned time and location of the pickup point.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

  1. The EC should be prepared to deal with a wide range of possible emergency situations. These could range from illness or injury of an attendee (certainly possible in our age group), or failure to show up for the return trip home. Other emergencies could include but not limited to coach mechanical breakdown, coach accident, coach driver unable to perform his/her duties, extended traffic delays, severe weather, or dealing an intoxicated or unruly disruptive individual.
  1. Injury or Illness of an Attendee

(1). If an attendee is injured or becomes ill it is the responsibility of the EC to get the appropriate medical attention (i.e. calling 911).

(2). The EC should designate a spouse or volunteer with a cell phone to accompany the individual while undergoing medical treatment.

(3). The EC will assure that a non-accompanying family member is notified

  1. Injury or Illness of the coach driver

(1). It is the responsibility of the EC to secure in advance the telephone number of the coach provider in the unlikely event that the driver cannot perform contracted functions.


Event Coordinator’s Check List



  1. Have tickets been place in envelopes in alphabetical order for distribution?
  2. Has a roster of attendees been prepared with home and cell phone numbers?
  3. Do you have the emergency contact and telephone number for anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other?
  4. Upon departure has the above been circulated for updating to all attendees on the coach?
  5. Before offloading the EC at the event venue have attendees been briefed on the departure designated meeting point?
  6. Have cell phone numbers been exchanged with the coach driver?
  7. Do you have in your possession the coach firm’s 24-hour emergency number?
  8. Have you called or texted the coach driver near the end of the event for any last minute changes to the meeting point and if so communicated with attendees?
  9. Do you have your cell phone A/C charger?


  1. In the event of a medical emergency has 911 been called?
  2. Has immediate first aide been rendered?
  3. In case of hospitalization has an individual with cell phone been assigned to accompany the injured/ill person for medical treatment?
  4. If applicable, has a non-accompanying family member been notified?


We expect that you will have a cell phone with you (or a shared cell phone with your spouse/relative/significant other) always while attending the event.

Anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other will be required to provide the name and telephone number of an emergency contact.

The TGV Club is not responsible for delays and cancellations beyond the control of the club. If the scheduled event is cancelled, the TGV Club will only refund that portion of the cost of the event that is recouped by the club.

The Event Coordinator will notify you by e-mail with advisories before the event including reminders of dates, times, meeting points, and other relevant information.


Approved:  04/04/2016

©2016, copyright The Goofy Villagers Club