SMK_logo_2An overview

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive attraction/game found only in Magic Kingdom (hence the name). The premise of the game is that Hades is trying to take over the Magic Kingdom and Merlin is recruiting park guests as new apprentices. The apprentices (you) thwart Hades’s plan by attacking notorious Disney villains that can be found at various “portals” throughout the park’s themed lands (except Tomorrowland).

TGV members love that even when we get home from the park, we can still have fun through card collecting and game strategy. The game began back in 2012

Warning: it can sound confusing on paper, but I promise once you start playing it is very easy to follow.


Having grown tired of the dreary scenery in the Underworld, Hades decides to make the Magic Kingdom his new summer home; however, Merlin would be able to easily repel an invasion with the power of his magic crystal. In an attempt to outwit Merlin, Hades sends Pain and Panic to steal the crystal, however their bumbling leads to the crystal being shattered into eight pieces that scatter to each area of the Magic Kingdom. Merlin recruits the player to help him find the pieces of his crystal, giving them magical cards with the Sorcerer’s Crest on them; the crest itself is used when specifically needed.

Needing help himself, Hades revives Ursula, Maleficent, Scar and Dr. Facilier, promising them second lives in exchange for a crystal fragment. Obviously, the first two aren’t trustworthy. Posing as Boss Teal – Underworld Crime Boss, Lord Indigo of the East Undeworld Trading company and Lazuli, Hades also promises Cruella, Ratcliffe and Yzma something they each want in exchange for help; the 99 puppies, Pochahontas’ land, and to be empress of Adventureland respectively. Under the alias “Prince Azure”, Hades also forces genie Jafar into helping. Though he meant to guide the player throughout the kingdom, Merlin forced to fight off Hades’ lesser pawns that are trying to invade. Therefore, the player’s guidance comes from a foe of each villain: Sebastian, Merryweather, Rafiki, Mama Odie, Pongo, Pocahontas, Kuzco, and Genie.

When all the villains are defeated, the magic crystal is restored. However, Hades isn’t one to give up; he sends in Chernabog – his “Number 1 Guy”. Unfortunately, it was only a distraction to let Pain and Panic try stealing the crystal again; they predictably fail. Deciding to use brute force, Hades amasses his army of the dead, which is led by the other villains. Through Merlin’s guidance, the player uses the magic of the Sorcerer’s Crest to seal Hades and the villains inside the mystic crystal. The crystal is then returned to Merlin’s study. Inside the crystal, Hades is left to wonder what went wrong with his plans.

Getting Started

New game recruits can sign up at the Main Street Firehouse. Cast Members will walk you through the easy sign-in process and give you instructions on how to use your cards. You will be given a Portal Key Card that will be your master key to the game.

The Key Card contains an embedded chip that tracks your progress through the game and activates screen portals. As long as you keep up with this Key Card, you can pick up your game where you left off, even if it has been a few months or if you have a different entrance ticket.

You will also be given a map of the game play area that will help you navigate through the park while playing. Each sorcerer is also given a pack of 5 spell cards. Once you have your Key Card, map, and spell cards, you are ready to play!

Game Play

The main play areas are Magic Portals that Merlin opens up to allow you to interact with characters and fight the villains. Each portal has a unique symbol to mark its location on the map. You will know you are at the right location in the park when you find a sorcerer’s crest on the ground. (View SOTMK maps for each land.)
Each Magic Portal is opened by tapping your Key Card at the nearby keyhole. If you are at the right location, this opens the Magic Portal and the game is on! (Touching your key card to the wrong location will display the symbol of the portal your game is supposed to be at.)

To defeat a villain you will need to go to 4-5 different portals. Some of these portals will introduce you to the villain (or their henchmen), while some will require spell cards.

Merlin will instruct you when to play your spell card. When you have completely defeated a villain, you will be instructed which portal to go to next to start your next adventure. Defeating all villains will lead you to the final battle against none other than Hades himself.

The Cards

There are a total of 70 different spell cards. This is where the fun really comes into play – trying to collect all 70 cards in order to maximize your spell casting abilities.

There are 9 different spell classes and 7 different attack types among the cards. Cards 1-22 are the rare (star) cards, 23-40 are common (crescent moon), and 41-60 are very common (planet). Cards 61-70 are the very rare lightning cards.

While spells can be cast with a single card at a time, there are also combination cards that, when played together, can have even greater power against an enemy. In fact, you can play up to 7 cards together during a single attack!

Tips & Tricks

  • It is great for all genders and ages.
  • The main sign-up area is the Main Street Firehouse, but there is also an outpost located behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. The first time you play, the Main Street Firehouse is the best option because they have practice portals. But after the first time, using the Christmas shop location is best because it is usually a little less crowded.
  • Card trading is a huge part of the game. It is also a great way to interact with other park guests. Don’t be afraid to offer up trades to others you see playing.  Generally players will trade 1 for 1 within levels of cards (ie. star for star, lightning for lightning).
  • There are trading groups online and through Facebook. If you are looking for a specific card these might be great ways to get them. You can mail and trade cards with people all over the country through these sites.
  • Having a book or other way to contain the cards you get is important. A baseball card book (with 4 card slots per page) to hold all the cards is a great way. More advanced players will arrange cards in the book to take advantage of unique combos. There are spell card binders that can be purchased from Disney as well.

sotmk_collectBookEach person that has paid park admission can get a pack of cards each day that you enter the Magic Kingdom. So even if someone in your group isn’t playing, you can have them scan their entrance ticket or Magic Band to get a set of cards. During our last trip, we were able to combine all four family members onto the same game. So we only needed the one key card, but could get 4 packs of cards each day.

  • If you complete the entire game (by defeating Hades) you can get an extra set of cards that day, so don’t forget to go and get them.
  • There are also different difficulty levels available. When you defeat Hades and go to pick up a new set of cards, they will ask if you want to move up to the next level of difficulty or stay at your previous level. With each level, correct card selection becomes increasingly important (and difficult).
  • There is a special “bonus” card that is put out for each Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. These are great additions to card collections so make sure you stop by the Firehouse and get one if you attend one of the parties.
  • While there were reports from early sorcerers of super rare cards (61-70) being found in the free card packs, it is generally thought that these can now only be found in special booster packs that can be found in the Emporium. Each of these booster packs contains 7 cards (including one super rare lightening card) and a board/tokens that can be used to play a version of the game at home.
  • Be prepared to wait at the portals, especially if it a busy time at Disney. Usually waits aren’t too long and the lines move quickly.
  • It can take 20-30 minutes to defeat each villain and up to 5 hours to complete a whole game. That being said, Sorcerers may not be the best option if it is your first/only trip to Disney since there are so many other things to see and do.