Germany #1 in EPCOT – in my book.

Guests love visiting Epcot and so do I. Future World celebrates the combination of technology and nature and how they impact the world and World Showcase features eleven different countries and celebrates their culture, architecture, cuisine, and history. One of the most popular countries in World Showcase is the Germany Pavilion (of course- with my ‘Made in Germany – Born in the USA’ slogan. where you can spend time wandering shops selling authentic German products and food, dine buffet style at a real Oktoberfest, and sip on ice cold beer. With so much to enjoy in one place it is no surprise why guests love spending time in Germany. Here are seven things that every guest will love about Epcot’s Germany Pavilion in Walt Disney World.

7. Karamell-Kuche – This store in the Germany Pavilion entices guests in before they even realize what they are doing. The smell is so enticing because the store sells handmade caramel which makes sense since the name translated in English means Caramel Kitchen. My walk around EPCOT, always has a stop to get my Werther’s. While much of the candy offered is packaged by Werther’s Original, there are plenty of fresh made options that guests can choose from including caramel apples, chocolates, caramel popcorn, caramel toffee bark, and even salted caramel brownies! With so many freshly baked options to choose from, guests will find themselves spending quite a bit of time standing in front of the display in Karamell-Kuche.

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