What’s Up At Disney

What’s Happening in Disney World?

Here is a note from one of our original members on their last visit to Disney World.

  • Disney was great!
    The room at Boardwalk was spotless!!
    The remotes were wrapped in plastic bags. Everything was very clean!
    The only thing was the bakery, pizza place and one restaurant was open. The other side of the hotel was closed. Only DVC open. Not a big deal though.
    Everyone wore masks even the little ones.
    I only saw a total of about 4 people without masks.
    There was hand sanitizer all over.
    The lines on most rides had plexiglass between them.
    Some rides had plexiglass or plastic between cars or they would skip cars between riders.
    It was more crowded on Monday at MK but tolerable.
    Again some restaurants were closed like Columbia House, Casey’s, Ice Cream parlor. But we ate.
    They only let a certain amount of people into the stores at a time.
    The new Mickey’s runaway railway was great but we got in Rise of the Resistance!!! It was amazing and fabulous !! I think the best ride there.
    They were super kind and accommodating to Marc. They stopped the rides to let him get on. I only have praise for the CMs.
    All in all I feel Disney did a great job especially under the circumstances. Of course people complain but we had a ball.

    Paula & Marc Meyer