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  1. Jim and I are trying to put a trip together for us to take our daughter and three children to go to Disney for Christmas. I know how busy it is that week, but the kids are out of school and our daughter has the time off as well. Her supervisor urged her to take the time off.
    She has had an awful year with her health and just had surgery for cancer. To make matters worse she is a single mom. The husband after 13 years just left them. Over 4 years ago. We want them to have something positive to look forward to and for this holiday to be ‘special’, a new start – so to speak.
    Do you have any ideas how we can pull this off without ‘losing the farm’? Are you aware of any discounts or specials that we may not know about? Or do you know someone we could talk to to help us?
    Any advice/ideas will be greatly appreciated. 😃
    Kathy Canter

    1. Kathy, sorry for the delay in replying back to you. You hit it on the nail, there are NO discounts, most likely there are no more rooms available and the crowds are just to large for anyone to enjoy the parks that week. Sorry that I have to say it that way, but it’s true. If you don’t stay at a Disney property, you might not even get in to a park, when the crowds are so big, ONLY Disney resort guest are allowed in when guest numbers are reach at capacity. And with the Christmas party (Extra cost) starts, you will have to leave the park by 6:00PM for the other guest to use the park, the ones that paid up to $100 for a night party at Magic Kingdom. If you could, come down to the parks the second or third week of January, little cooler, lines are not there, cheaper rooms and yes, they kids would miss some school, but I did this with my kids and grand-kids, they still graduated on time and my kids both have great jobs, the week they missed of school was not big deal…trust me on that one. So sad to hear all the troubles your daughter is having… I’ll pray for them. Please send me any other questions to my email address (MrGoofy1@yahoo.com) I look at that everyday.

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